JAVA vs C++ vs C ?

pvcodes profile image Pranjal Verma ・1 min read

Hello my gorgeous friends, for past few weeks I was thinking to learn a programming language (for job opportunity) so tell me guys what do you think. Which language should I go with.


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Unless you have a specific goal in mind, I wouldn't go with any of the three you suggest. Java is questionably designed and has serious efficiency issues that make it impractical whenever real performance matters, C++ is monstrously bloated with not one, not two, but three turing complete components (the core language, the templating library that's part of the standard library, and the preprocessor) and has numerous limitations in the standard library that make it challenging to use efficiently and suffers most of the same issues C does, and C is far too low level for most people to easily understand as well as being very easy to write dangerous code in.

My suggestion would be to look at Golang, Python, or Rust if you want something 'mainstream', or possibly Lua or Elixir if you aren't worried about immediate usability for a job or similar. All of them are reasonably easy to learn and all are also easier to work with outside of just learning than any of Java, C++ or C.


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I think Golang is quite popular, otherwise Java and JVM ecosystem is still nice.