Discussion on: Describe the worst coding culture you've been a part of

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Anthony Akpan

My first real software developer job. I was assigned as the only front end developer to a project with 2 backends.

It was a remote job but it paid more than i had ever earned at that point (1 year experience) and i had worked with the owners in my first job. But thats is another story.

I thought it was a smart idea to accept another remote position plus keep my current full time job. I had never worked from sun down to sun rise until them.

Compounded was the fact that i have never . used angular js in a production environment so it was tough ramping up to new things as well as work remotely and with git.

Long story shorty i quit my easiest job and got laid off from both remote positions as i couldnt meet deadlines.

The experience taught me what burn out is and what good and bad code was.

My other remote job was hell as well cause the senior developer thought he knew best and wanted to over engineer everything. 90% of the time he berated my code and decided to do it himself.

We didnt even bother working on CRUD till it was a couple days to show investors :) all because we wanted to get the code to a perfect place. We all got fired and it was a relief to me honestly.

I learnt alot of things from my former senior dev, like what not to do as well was where to draw the line with engineering as well as how to mentor junior devs.

I have a much better job now and i chuckle when people say they are stressed