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Puppet and Perforce Joining Forces

You may have seen the acquisition news already, but if not, take a moment to skim the announcement.

You may be wondering how your engagement with the Puppet Community will change, especially if you're an open source user or an author of content on the Puppet Forge. Short answer is that it probably won't, but if you'd like to see more details you can check out our Community FAQ

Join the conversation in the #puppet-perforce channel on our slack if you've got more questions. We're always ready to chat!

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ragnarkon profile image
Bryan Woolsey

I’ll admit I was confused at first given Perforce is really only well-known in the gaming industry (at least in my experience). Most of my coworkers hadn’t even heard of Perforce before.

But I think it is a good opportunity for Peforce to expand beyond their traditional product set. Excited to see what the future holds.

binford2k profile image
Ben Ford

my understanding is that they want to expand their presence in the devops space. Also, I was surprised to learn how broad their portfolio is besides the traditional p4 tool suite itself.

michaeltharrington profile image
Michael Tharrington

Very nice! I hope you'll be keeping the puppet moniker. I've always been a fan of that name.

Every time I see it, I end up singing this song:

... which is most definitely a good thing! 😀

binford2k profile image
Ben Ford

Definitely so!