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How Layered Navigation Could Be A Game Changer Addon?

Layered Navigation

The use of layered navigation to organise e-commerce websites has grown increasingly popular. Rather than having to browse through multiple subcategories, it allows the user to focus on specific product qualities from a top-level category page.

Without effective onsite navigation, it's difficult to conceive a successful eCommerce company nowadays. All of this contributes to a better customer shopping experience and, as a result, a higher conversion rate.

One of the most crucial aspects of site navigation is layered navigation.

What is Layered Navigation?

Consider a large number of comparable products that differ only in minor features. Manually scrolling through store categories would take far too long and be extremely inconvenient, and would be unlikely to result in a purchase.

Customers require a tool that only surfaces the required item to alleviate the pain of such a search. Layered navigation is one such tool.

Layered or filtered navigation is typically found adjacent to the main content block and is comprised of many adjustable filters. Customers can considerably reduce the time it takes to search for a specific product by defining their values.

Layered/ filtered navigation, like any other component of your store navigation, can be adjusted to meet your eCommerce strategy.

Why should use Layered Navigation?

If they don't find what they're looking for in an online store, 73% of internet users depart within two minutes (Marketing Sherpa) 96 per cent think the search feature is crucial to their purchasing decision.

Visitors who utilise site search convert 5-6 times more than visitors who do not use site search.

You can't sell something that customers can't find. The search process is an important part of the customer purchasing decision and is a key component of practically any eCommerce site, especially when there are a lot of items with different pricing, features, or brands.

Layered Navigation is an excellent option for improving your eCommerce store's search and filtering processes. It provides a list of filters on the left side of the categories page, so shoppers don't have to waste time looking for what they want. It is impossible to dispute that the conversion rate will increase dramatically once the search process is simplified and professionalised. The fewer time shoppers waste browsing, the lower the cart abandonment rate and the more money you may make.

Key features

Ajax loading

Instead of reloading the entire page, the matching items will be displayed instantly after applying the filters. This feature will drastically improve the operation of your store and increase customer happiness.


Every buyer has multiple things they want on their purchases. As a result, Multi Filters is an essential and beneficial tool. Shoppers can quickly find the perfect item by using a variety of filters.

SEO friendly URL

Your site will be easy to remember and access thanks to the short and straightforward filter URL produced by this function. Importantly, an SEO-friendly URL will improve your search engine ranking and greatly improve SEO performance of Magento 2 store.

Quick lookup option

The greatest option for a store with a large number of items and a variety of filters such as sizes, brands, and materials. Shoppers are no longer required to scroll endlessly or become perplexed in their search for the desired filter.

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