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Puneet Gopinath
Puneet Gopinath

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How to create a README for your GitHub profile

Did you know? You can create your very own personal README for your GitHub profile! It is a sort of secret feature of GitHub which is now known to a considerable number of people!

You can view an example on my GitHub profile

However, if you still don’t know about this feature, you are at right page.

This file greatly enhances your GitHub profile, beautifies it, and allows you to showcase your stats and achievements in your desired fashion!

So the very first thing to do is go to your GitHub page and click on the ‘+’ symbol on the top right corner and click on new repository.


The next step is to enter the repository name. The repository name should be the same as your GitHub username. As you type the repository name, you will see a box that pops below your repository saying that this is a secret feature.

Next, make sure that the repository is public and Add a README file checkbox is checked.


Now click on the Create Repository button.

The file of this repository becomes your profile readme. You can edit this in markdown format and decorate your readme however you want.

It is often seen that people also add workflows to automatically update their readme file continuously.

So go ahead and decorate your GitHub profile with your information and achievements.

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