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I like good coffee, so I'm making a specialty coffee discovery & rating web app/site.
A little like Strava for caffeine combined with a to-do list.

I sometimes update a dev blog with my progress on the project (blog.hadcoffee.com)

It's Laravel & Vue based, with custom design. I'm hoping to finish in 3-4 months.


That's wild! What's the eventual plan for what this is going to be?


Nothing, just trying out SpriteStack.io which is a fun 2d/3d Pixel-Editor.


I just started it today! I am making a command-line utility that saves a page for offline reading. But unlike hitting "Save as..." in your browser, this utility I am making will save only the important parts of the page (like the main article), so it strips away the <link>s and <script>s as well as other parts like the navigation and headers. It only leaves the images, videos, or audios that are directly connected to the main content. I call it artrave. I don't know if there's anything like it already out there, but I am just trying to do something in my spare time.


That's brilliant! I've always liked the idea of saving webpages, but tools like Evernote's web clipper have always been way too clumsy. I can imagine a tool like yours being incredibly helpful, especially if it could export to a format like markdown.


I have a concept of an Oracle APEX app, which is basically a website that is a phonebook. My thought is that businesses would pay to have their phone numbers validated by this service, and the public can rate the trustworthiness of the number.

It consolidates many already existing services, but the UI it much cleaner.


Currently writing content and improving the platform of CodeThat.today