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Tips to make working at home more productive and comfortable

Kevin Blank
Software Development student, Self learning cyber security
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Choose your place of work in a sensible manner

Create a space where you can work comfortably in. That can be a desk or eating-table with a comfortable chair. Make sure that your back is supported good and also make sure nothing is holding you of the work that you are doing at the moment.

Make sure you have a good routine

Put an alarm on. Maybe an hour later because you don’t have travel-time. But get out of bed at the same time and be at your workspace. Do you have tasks that are needed to be done at home too? Choose a specific time to do that too.

Dressing like you are at the job

If you feel like you are in a relax mood instead of a work mood trade your home clothes in for work clothing so you can feel more at work. If that doesn’t change anything just keep it cozy.

Don’t skip breakfast 🥞

Arabic breakfast
Take the time to have a nice breakfast. Take a moment for yourself before you go back at work. That’s how you begin the day with full concentration.

Challenge yourself

What do you wanna do today? Write it down, make a distinction between what you do in the morning vs the afternoon. You can do this on the day itself or the night before. This is how you can motivate yourself for the next day.

Work, work, work

Are you productive in the morning? Start the day with the most importand to-do’s. The tasks that you can automatically do are the ones you can pick up in the times when your concentration is less.

Use the Pomodoro-technique

The Pomodoro-technique is a method for time-management.
With this technique you can set a timer for 25 minutes to work on something you need to do, after those 25 minutes you can take a break of 5 minutes. after 4 Pomodoro’s (4*25 minutes) you can take a longer break of 15-30 minutes.

Try and make it fun at home

Try making it more fun at home by maybe putting some flowers in the living room, if you have kids you can find ways to play with them. FaceTime family, friends or your partner.

Stop when it’s time to stop

If you work at home it can become a habit that you can stay in your work. Are you tired? Stop and make sure you can start the next day fresh. Try to stay on top by doing exercising. People often skip that part but it can really help with a clean mind and new energy.

I hope this post helped you feel free to share this post. Thank you for reading 🙂

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