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Discussion on: 50 Web Development Terms Every Programmer Should Know

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Peter Johnson

Hi Kingsley! Great post w/ some of the terminology new programmers should be familiar with. If you don't mind some feedback... For IDE, you misspelled "environments." For a few items, I think it'd be helpful to include the acronyms, as they're often used without the full term, like having IDE in the header, & the same with npm.

While "cloud" isn't a very consistently nor well-defined term, I'd refine it a bit more than, "runs on some remote computer." Not all server computing is cloud computing. You might check the Wikipedia article; they have a simple definition at the top.

You might consider adding the term "scaffolding." That caused me some confusion when I initially heard it used, as well, as it used to be referred to differently.

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Kingsley Ubah Author

Thanks for taking time out to read. Corrections will be made soon.