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Pt. Prashant tripathi
Pt. Prashant tripathi

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There's Finally a Programming Language in Sanskrit

So, after taking inspiration from Christopher Nolan's Interstellar (2014) this thought came to my mind. Why don't we actually make a programming language in Sanskrit. so here is it Vedic.
Vedic is the first programming language to utilize commands in Sanskrit and is available online for free. Vedic can be used in our Online IDE here for offline installation visit our
Install Instructions.

⌨️ Sample Code

sample vedic code


The Sanskrit language is the world's oldest language. Once Rick Briggs, a researcher at NASA wrote a paper in 1985 titled Knowledge Representation in Sanskrit and Artificial Intelligence. claims that Sanskrit is the most suitable language to develop computer programming for their Artificial Intelligence program. The grammar of Sanskrit is rule-bound, formula-bound, and logical, which makes it highly appropriate to write algorithms. So, considering that Vedic designed to be a high-level, logical scripting language.

I've worked so hard for this project, I am trying to build a community around Vedic, so we can make the project sustainable. that's by I made it open source.

Links :

Github Org
Online IDE

Contributions, issues and feature requests are welcome!

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anilthakur300 profile image
Anil Thakur

Great going...
For becoming a world guru...india should have its own programming langauge..

sachinsingh profile image
Sachin kumar • Edited

I don't know how effort you have put in making this programming language but I can say you have placed your effort very inefficiently ,although I am not a programmer I can tell that you have just copied the c language syntax and made the English words in Sanskrit make it uselessly bad because it has two requirements to learn

  1. Sanskrit language 2.your language vrledic

But it will still be useless because it has no supporting library and APIs to be used in programming , so its not the Sanskrit programing language i was looking for.

My suggestion

  • instead of using syntax of c language ,I would suggest to use Sanskrit native language grammar and ( Sanskrit mantra as further study ) as Syntax in a way that some can literally talk to computer using mic and computer would understand what to do like it is used in c language and further improved python

  • For the word computer can't understand due to word being complex action can be made in Sanskrit API

For this to happen you have to do several changes in foundation level and merge human thinking and computer thinking

I think this would be enough as suggestion

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nice code bro
Image description

jackofalltrades profile image
Inconspicuous fellow

Looks very polished at first sight I have to say.

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