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I hate black bars! My Chrome and Edge extension for remove them on 21:9 monitors!

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🖥 Chrome & Edge Extension: Aspect Ratio 21:9

I spent time in quarantine watching movies on netflix. I have a 21:9 monitor (ultrawide) and all the films have black side bands, I hate black bars! I used chrome extensions to solve the problem but they don't work on all the services I use, they are not stable, they are complicated to use and I gave up: I created my extension that solves the problem! You can cut, crop, zoom and use it on 21:9 or 32:9 monitors and work on all the web sites you want!

Resources: [GITHUB]

Fit the screen properly in fullscreen mode on monitor with 21:9 aspect ratio. Work on Netflix, Youtube, PrimeVideo, VVVVID, etc...

🚀 Installation

Try on Chrome Try on Edge
Chrome Extension: Aspect Ratio 21:9 Edge Extension: Aspect Ratio 21:9

💡 Features

  • [✔️] Easy to use
  • [✔️] MIT License
  • [✔️] Browser supported: Google Chrome and Microsoft Edge
  • [✔️] Fix aspect ratio on 21:9 monitor (stretch / crop)
  • [✔️] Customize Aspect ratio value (32:9 and 19:10 monitors)
  • [✔️] ON / OFF buttons
  • [✔️] Keyboard shortcuts
  • [✔️] Netflix
  • [✔️] Youtube
  • [✔️] Prime Video
  • [✔️] Dailymotion
  • [✔️] Vimeo
  • [✔️] VVVVID
  • [✔️] Crunchyroll
  • [✔️] Twitch
  • [✔️] ...add custom domain and try fix size of player on all websites!
  • [✔️] Translations: 🇬🇧 🇮🇹 🇵🇱 🇪🇸 (Help me ❤️)

👔 Screenshot

Aspect Ratio 21:9 - Example

Aspect Ratio 21:9 - App

⌨️ Shortcuts

You can set shortcuts on chrome://extensions/shortcuts. No Default shortcuts available.

Aspect Ratio 21:9 - Shortcuts

💫 License

  • Code and Contributions have MIT License
  • Images and logos have CC BY-NC 4.0 License (Freepik Premium License)
  • Documentations and Translations have CC BY 4.0 License

❤️ Thanks! Leave a feedback!

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You can crop/zoom. De gustibus.


Doesn't that stretch the image though?


You can:

  • stretch
  • zoom/crop borders

Stretch a few centimeters does not create an effect as terrible as you think. If you look mostly from further away (I turn the monitor towards the bed). If you want best quality you can crop/zoom.