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Patryk Rzucidło • Edited



Today, I want to present you InstagramBot.js, javascript-nodejs bot made with puppeteer

What does it do

This bot helps you increase the engagement of your Instagram profile through different social algorithms. Increase the likes on your photos and followers.


  • [✓] Easy to use
  • [✓] Login
  • [✓] 2FA (bad location)
  • [✓] 2FA (sms pin enabled)
  • [✓] Multi-Session
  • [✓] Multi-Platform (Windows 10, Mac OSX, Linux, Raspberry PI 3)
  • [✓] Errors manager (bad pin, bad password)
  • [✓] Screenshot and Verbose logger
  • [✓] Like Mode Classic: bot select random hashtag from config list and like 1 random photo and repeat this all time.
  • [✓] Like Mode Realistic: bot select random hashtag from config list and like fast 10-12 photos, sleep 15-20min and repeat this all time. Sleep at night.
  • [✓] Like Mode Competitor Users: select account, select random followers, like 10-12 photo and sleep 15-20min. Sleep at night.
  • [✓] Like Mode Superlike: select random hashtag from config list and like 3 random photo of same user.
  • [✓] Comment Mode Classic: select random comment and random hashtag and write comment under photo.
  • [TODO] Follow/Defollow Classic: follow user from random hashtag and defollow after 1h.
  • [TODO] Defollow All: defollow all your following (ignore users in whitelist).

Fast setup

  1. Download stable bot version and extract it.
  2. Download Node.js >= 7.6 and install it.
  3. Run npm install in instagram-bot.js folder.
  4. Rename config.js.tpl to config.js, fill it properly.
  5. Start the bot via node bot.js
  6. If work add star at this project
  7. If you want help me: donate on paypal or become a backer on patreon.

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