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Pantelis Theodosiou
Pantelis Theodosiou

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Google One's Dark Web Report - Safeguarding Your Digital Realm

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Google One has incorporated a dark web monitoring feature, offering individuals a means to fortify their defenses in the event of a data breach. Let's delve into its functionality.

Google One has introduced a groundbreaking service called the Dark Web Report as part of its cloud storage subscription. Unveiled in March 2023 along with an expanded VPN service, now available to all Google One subscribers at no extra cost, the Dark Web Report aims to shield users from data breaches.

This innovative feature scans the dark web to detect if personal information, such as names, addresses, emails, phone numbers, or Social Security numbers, is available for sale. If any such information is found, Google notifies the user and provides advice on safeguarding their data. For instance, if a Social Security number is identified on the dark web, Google recommends reporting it as stolen to the government and offers guidance on credit protection.

Users can opt-in to Dark Web Report, manually enabling and selecting the information they want to monitor. Google assures users that all handled information adheres to its privacy policy, whether provided by users or obtained from the dark web. Users can also delete information from their profile or halt monitoring at any time.

Given the rising frequency of data breaches, robust measures to protect personal information have never been more crucial. With the prevalence of data breaches, individuals often rely on large corporations and government agencies for secure data storage. However, Google One's latest feature provides users with a proactive approach to protect themselves, offering a valuable resource in the event of a data breach.

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