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Jina AI x NLP Zurich: Designing the data model for an open source AI search framework

If you are interested in deep learning, machine learning, NLP, data science, open source, and search framework, you might also be interested participating in our virtual talk at NLP Zurich next Tuesday on Oct 20, 2020.

My colleague, Alex, and I got in touch with NLP Zurich some time ago. Immediately, we feel so connected and want to host a meetup together.
So here we come! 😁

Before COVID-19, NLP Zurich meetups were usually offline. Since it's only possible to have virtual meetups right now, wouldn't it be nice to meet more people from around the world?

About NLP Zurich

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NLP Zurich is the first Natural Language Processing (NLP) open platform in Switzerland. It aims to stimulate information and opinion exchange on topics around Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning and Language Technologies.

Through events and meetups, it's now becoming the key platform to meet the stakeholders from academia and industry that are passionate about shaping the ecosystem.

About Jina

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Jina is an open-source search framework that provides an easier way to build neural search on the cloud. Whether you’re searching with images, video clips, audio snippets, or texts in various lengths, Jina provides high-level support to many existing neural search modals.

Jina AI is the company behind the Jina project. Our mission is to provide the universal solution for these neural search problems. As an open source company, we are working our best to live by open source principles, to continuously improve the developer experience, and to make it as accessible as possible.

Feel free to join our community on Slack!


18:50 Participants join the webinar
19:00 Talk: Designing data model for open source AI search framework (Maximilian Werk, Senior AI Engineer at Jina AI)
19:35 Q&A
19:50 Virtual Hugs and Kisses ⊂(◉‿◉)つ

Sounds interesting?
Then register here:

About Speaker

Max is one of the core contributors of Jina. He works on making search truly intelligent that can handle not only text but also graphics, audio or video data. He is passionate about clean, maintainable code and architecture in the AI environment.

Max has a master’s in mathematics at TU Berlin and worked as senior research engineer at Zalando SE before joining Jina AI.

Source: NLP Zurich, Jina AI GmbH

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