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Mirko Vukušić
Mirko Vukušić

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Am I the only one frustrated with oh-my-zsh?

I feel lonely :) Help me stop this feeling I'm the only one. Just switched from bash to zsh, and while I completely get why somebody would want to use oh-my-zsh, and I don't have anything against the project, it just seems like everybody is using it!? It's difficult to Google for any zsh configuration help/tutorials without ending up with oh-my-zsh. Again, it's not that oh-my-zsh itself bothers me, it bothers me that all my search results are infested with it :)

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Heiker • Edited

You're not alone. There is plenty of people that don't use oh-my-zsh, myself included.

If you're looking for resources I recommend checking the awesome-zsh-plugins repository. It has a lot more than just plugins.

I did used oh-my-zsh when I first started with zsh but after a year or so I notice that I didn't use even half of the features and functions it provides. What I did was dig into the source code of oh-my-zsh and took what I actually found useful and assembled my own config: you can check out the zsh specific config and also the mostly POSIX compliant config.

It's also worth mentioning that plugins can be a good source of information. Sometimes they use builtin features of zsh you don't know they existed. And sometimes they provide aliases that you can use without even installing the plugin.

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Jainam M

I am surprised nobody suggested you to use oh-my-bash

It's an alternative to oh-my-zsh but with bash shell.

Here you go -

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Mirko Vukušić

Thx! :) Yes, I figured out it's best to pick and choose for yourself. For larger plugins I just prefer to install from Arch AUR repo, that way updates are also managed.