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Season of Docs, Meeting-9

prubhtej profile image Prubhtej Singh ・1 min read

On 21st of October, I had a meeting with my mentors with regards to Google's Season Of Docs project. The mentors had assigned the following tasks:-

  1. Compile a list of pages on synbiohub.org
  2. Which API command corresponds to which page on SynBioHub.org
  3. Prepare a basic layout for the user documentation.
  4. Plan the content for all the sections of User Documentation.
  5. Correcting some minor formatting errors on the Plugins installation page.

On subsequent discussions over the Email, the consolidated list of sections was finalized, which is as follows:

  1. Registering and updating your account
  2. Searching for information
  3. Viewing and downloading information
  4. Submitting, updating, and managing your collections
  5. Editing your submissions
  6. Data sharing mechanisms
  7. Administration

I was able to accomplish the following tasks:

  1. Compiled the list of pages on synbiohub.org
  2. Which of the API command corresponds to which page on SynBioHub.org
  3. Prepared and finalized a basic layout of the user documentation, under the guidance of Prof. Myers
  4. Which pages of synbiohub.org correspond to which section
  5. Corrected a few minor formatting errors on the plugins page.
  6. Completed the user documentation for the first 3 sections as mentioned above.

I'd faced the following issues this week:

  1. Was unable to find pages of Synbiohub.org corresponding to all of the API calls.

In the next meeting, I hope to take feedback regarding, the first 3 sections of the User documentation and resolve all of my doubts regarding SynBioHub's UI once and for all.


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