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  • Project Euler has hundreds of programming puzzles.
  • The book Cracking the Coding Interview is a worthwhile read if you ever intend to apply for a coding job, and is filled with problems and in-depth explanations of the solutions.
  • I have found HackerRank to be quite good.

There are also lots of lists like this out there, just a Google search away.


Have a look at pybit.es, lots of neat stuff to learn and a good community to help you out.


For what do you plan to use Python? Depending on your answer programming challenges may not even be your best way forward.


Creating automation scripts and webscraping


So why do you think you need to do Python coding challenges?

It's fine if you enjoy that stuff but if you really want to learn how to write quality automation scripts or get into webscraping then you should work on projects specific to that. Coding challenges wouldn't make you better at those things.

P.S. I used to participate in algorithmic coding challenges on sites like TopCoder (circa 2004) so I'm certainly not against those things.


I've heard good things about Excercisms.io but I haven't tried it yet


You can always try to use Codewars to learn to do TDD and solve coding challenges.

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