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How to make FREE Website in 2023 - 2024

I know many of you must have wished to make your own personal website atleast ones in your life!
In this blog I will share you the method that I used to make my personal Website with ₹0 investment , without using PC 💻 and 0 Coding knowledge (it's good if you can code 😅).


We will use our Mobile (Android) to make a basic but cool ui web page.

• First and most important is to download a Code Editor

For this I strongly recommend you to download HTML Editor PRO it's FREE and is available on Uptodown and Galaxy Store with a great number of features and good rating.

• Second is choosing a free host

Their are many free host like
Neocities, 000WebHost, GitHub Pages

For now I will go with Neocities. As its quick and easy to begin.

• Third is Coding

I think you must have downloaded HTML Editor PRO till now, if you did not then press the home tab and download it.

» Now make a new project say, index.html
» Go back to Settings > Developer Tools > Enter your OpenAI API key and save it
» Reopen your project
» Tap on the top most ROBOT icon
» It would show a prompt like

Write a program to (Enter your prompt) in HTML

» Inside the bracket write what things you want for your website (HERE IS AN EXAMPLE OF MY PROMPT I USED FOR MY SITE)

Write a program to make a portfolio website for me a software developer also add a iOS style toggle button for dark mode and add a fab as Message to open email use font as jet brains mono

» Now simply re-tap the ROBOT icon

» It will write a code for your within 1 minutes

• Deploying Website

Open neocities and sign in to dashboard now either upload your HTML file from your device location or copy the code from app and paste it.

Click on Save in Neocities

Hurray 🙌🏻 Your site is deployed 👏🏻 do share your project link in comment.

The best point of HTML Editor PRO is you can inspect any website using built-in tool and if you are on the latest version of HTML Editor PRO you can upload your images in app cloud to use in your project. It's all Free.

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