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List of prompts to increase content clicks

With the flood of information that internet users face every day, it's important to get your content noticed and get clicks.

Here are some prompts to help you write competitive articles with search engine optimization (SEO) and a solid content strategy.


How to write content that gets clicks

Make sure your SEO strategy is effective, from choosing topics to using optimized keywords to crafting compelling titles. It's also important to engage your readers and respect their opinions.


Prompts to Get More Clicks on Your Content

Brainstorming SEO-friendly content ideas

Use ChatGPT to brainstorm SEO-optimized content ideas from scratch. Provide your target niche, audience preferences, and keywords you want to focus on. The result is a list of creative content ideas with suggestions for titles, keywords that can be organically woven into the body for a SEO boost, and more.

Brainstorming SEO-friendly Content Ideas


Create keyword-optimized SEO article titles

Generate compelling, SEO-optimized article titles based on specific keywords or topics to increase the visibility and click-through rate of your content. Generate titles that make your content stand out.

Crafting SEO-Optimized Article Titles for keyword


Writing keyword-specific blog posts

Push the limits of content creation and write with the nuanced, imperfect, and dynamic prose that only human authors can write. Learn how to infuse your text with strategic imperfections and human-like traits to effectively disguise it from AI detection tools so it reads like you wrote it.

SEO Blog - Human Like (2,000-3,000 words) - Keyword Focus (with secondary keywords)


Create a keyword strategy

Learn about keyword strategy for writing SEO-optimized content.Create a strategy for your main keywords to effectively boost your content's exposure.

Keyword strategy prompts


Optimize your content for better exposure

Learn how to transform any text into an SEO-friendly version with our expert guide. Increase your content's search engine rankings by naturally incorporating specified keywords, optimizing titles and subheadings, and writing compelling meta descriptions.

Master SEO Writing: Optimize Your Content for Better Visibility



Q. Why do I need to pay attention to SEO when using prompts?
A. Because prompts contain keywords that can help you be found by search engines.

Q. What tips can I use to increase click-throughs with specific examples?
A. Write titles that are familiar to your audience, provide new information at the same time, and pique their curiosity.

Q. What is the relationship between content clicks and reader engagement?
A. High click-throughs are a sign of high reader engagement, which means your content is successful.

Q. What are other ways to measure content success besides increased clicks?
A. It can be measured through a variety of metrics, including total page views, time on activity, and number of shares and comments.

Q. What should I do to improve my content if it's not getting clicked?
A. You should revisit your target audience and improve your title and introduction to better capture the reader's attention.

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