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Selenium Java Interview Questions and Answers || That Every QA should Know - Part 2

In this video , We are going to learn about the TOP 51+ Selenium Selenium Java Interview Questions and Answers. These are exact questions asked for the beginners and experience people.

Question #1 : How will you find an element using Selenium?
Question #2 : What is the difference between verify and assert commands?
Question #3 : Explain what are the JUnits annotation linked with Selenium?
Question #4 : Explain what is DataDriven framework and Keyword driven?
Question #5 : How you can switch between frames?
Question #6 : How you can perform double click ?
Question #7 : How to read a JavaScript variable in Selenium WebDriver?

Question #8 : How to wait for Element to visible by a AJAX call?
Question #9 : What is Page Object Model (POM) ?
Question #10 : What is Page Factory?
Question #11 : What is the difference between Page Object Model and Page Factory?
Question #12 : How to upload a file in Selenium WebDriver?

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