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Selenium 4 Features | What’s new in SELENIUM 4?

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The Selenium Core is obsolete.
Selenium RC APIs modified to leg-rc (legacy” package)
Selenium 4 will introduce as the most stable Selenium Grid in terms of eradicating all thread-safety bugs, and perfect support for Docker.
As part of this release, request tracing and logging with hooks will be modified and improvised in order to provide automation engineers a great hold on malicious bugs.

The W3C recommendation document for Selenium WebDriver is now available which provides a crystal clear picture of how Selenium API’s are working.
The W3C standard will encourage compatibility across different software implementations of the WebDriver API.
The test will directly communicate without any encoding and decoding of API requests (through the W3C Protocol), though Java bindings will be backward-compatible, but focusing more on the W3C Protocol. The JSON wire protocol will no longer be used.

The Selenium 4 would come up with more user-friendly UI of a grid having relevant pieces of information about sessions running, capacity etc.

Upgrading to the latest version of selenium should not require any code changes. Setting up node and hub will become smooth and the entire grid experience is going to be streamlined.

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