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Retesting vs Regression Testing : When We Do Retesting in Software Development?(With Example)

In this video of Retesting vs Regression Testing, We are going to learn about the What is the main difference between two retesting and regression.

What is Retesting?

In the retesting in software testing, It basically means testing a bug that has been fixed.
Most of the Time Tester finds a bug in the Application(Web or mobile), It logs it in the JIRA and Assign it to Dev, after dev fixes it, Dev assign back to Tester to verification.
Now Tester verify the bug, This is known the

Benefits of retesting

  1. Test the cases that are failed only
  2. Fast execution.
  3. Only have to perform the important or failed cases

When, ReTesting is Done?
n retesting those test cases are included which were failed earlier.
Retesting ensures that the issue has been fixed and is working as expected.
Retesting is done by replicating the same scenario with same data in new build.
It is a planned testing with proper steps of verification
In some cases the entire module is required to be re-tested to ensure the quality of the module.

Example of Retesting

  • Suppose Save button is not working
  • Dev fixed it
  • Now Tester have to Check the Functionality again. This is Retesting

I have added retesting testing example and please note that
Defect verification is the part of re-testing
Re-testing is a planned testing
Retesting is done only for failed test cases
Re-testing makes sure that the original fault has been corrected

Retesting vs Regression

Retesting :
To confirm the test cases that failed in the final execution are passing after the defects are fixed.
Retest are not automated.
Only bug fixes related test-cases are checked.

Regression :
To confirm whether a recent program or code change has not adversely affected existing features.
Check the bug fixes.
Regression can be automated.
Nearly all the testcases are checked in Regression.
New code changes should not have any side effects to existing functionalities

retesting definition

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