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REST API Test cases using POSTMAN |30 Days of API Testing | Day 8

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In this video of 30 Days of API Testing Challenge, We are going to learn Rest API Test cases using Postman.

I have added a complete list of API Test-cases that you can use in next API Testing Project.

Day 8 Task: Test cases for REST APIs.

30 Days of API Testing

Thread: https://scrolltest.com/api/day8
Resource: https://scrolltest.com/api/day8/2
Task List: https://scrolltest.com/api/task

Test cases for REST APIs.

  • Verify HTTP status code.
  • Valid Response payload
  • Verify Response Time
  • Verify Parsed the Response data
  • Valid Response headers.
  • Negative Testcases response
  • Verify Security Related Test Cases
  • Verify Schema validation Field Type Mandatory Fields
  • Chaining Request verification.
  • Verification of APIs with Data parameters.
  • Verify End to End CRUD flows
  • Verify Database Integrity Test Cases
  • Verify File Upload Testcases

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Neat! Didn't know this existed. Time to migrate


I love postwoman, Simple and easy to use :)


zero config API testing, multi-platform/device support, open sourced and free.