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How to Create Requirement Traceability Matrix?

promode profile image Pramod Dutta Updated on ・1 min read

In this tutorial, We are going to learn about the Requirement Traceability Matrix, what is it and Why we need the requirement traceability matrix.

➡️ RTM is usually referred to as the Requirement Traceability Matrix.

It a matrix that gives a clear idea about
requirements and test cases relation. In simple words, it is mapping of the requirement, test cases, defects in the simple document.

There are about two types of traceability matrix

  • Forward traceability matrix
  • Backward traceability matrix
  • Bi-directional matrix.

In Forward Traceability Matrix, We have a single direction related to the requirement to test cases.
e.g What requirements are mapped to test cases in left in the right direction.

Whereas in backward traceability, we have left to right, the relation of test cases to requirement direction relation.

Good requirement traceability is when we have both ways of relation with each other, knows as bi-directional traceability matrix.

Requirement Traceability Matrix )<br>

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