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How to Become a Perfect Automation Tester || (Do This)

What Is Required to Become a Perfect Automation Tester?
Do you believe that Perfect Automation Tester exist?
According to the definition of word Perfect
Perfect : having all the required or desirable elements, qualities.
This is not possible, right?
No, one going to have all the required qualities of Automation,
But still,
Let's understand what makes an Automation Tester good and How You can too leverage these skills and traits which can make you a great automation tester.

Traits of Perfect Automation Tester.
To become a Perfect Automation Tester, You have to think and act like that you already are a Perfect Automation Tester.

  • You can start automating your daily manual small task with scripts.
  • You should have a clear understanding of what can be automated or what can't.
  • You will start checking the ROI of the automation task. Technical Knowledge. Command Over Automation Decent Knowledge about the Trending Tools Expert in Manual Testing. In this video, I have given 5 step process to Become a Better Automation Engineer.

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🚀 Tools and services I recommend:
Some of the courses that I recommend to become better Automation Tester 🙌🙌

✅Selenium Training and Certification -

✅Learn Jenkins for QA -

✅Programming Java -

✅Test Automation -

✅API Testing -

✅Cypress Tutorial with LIVE Projects -

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