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How To Be More Productive As Software Engineer | BugTalks | Episode #1

In this video, We are going to discuss about the 9 Productivity Tips for Software Testers, Developers
These are the exact methods I have used and got a awesome results, Lets jump into it and in the video
I gonna share fews tools that can help you to be more productive.

So, Productivity is one of the challenge that I always have, I used to struggle to the task. I believe you also, There is Parkison Law, Which states that the Work expands with in Given Time.
So if you have 1 day to write a 10 manual test , you will write 10 but if same thing you can do it in 2 hours also.

🚀 Eat that frog Book :

🚀 Best Website Blocker :

🚀 Pomodoro Timer :

🚀 Download Notion :

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