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Earn Money by Technical Blogging for QA

Earn Money by Technical Blogging for QA: In this video, we are going to discuss about my experience with freelancing QA & Websites which pay you for testing and writing blogs.

✅ Part 1 -
Top 11 Freelancing Websites for Software Testers& QA. (Even as Manual Tester) -

✅ Part 2 -
Earn Money By Testing Websites, Is $100 a Day Possible?

Most of the projects are related to usability testing, accessibility testing and UI Testing related projects.

✅ Mastering API Testing Course

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🚀 Tools and services I recommend:
Some of the courses that I recommend to become better Automation Tester 🙌🙌

✅API Testing -

✅Cypress Tutorial with LIVE Projects -

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