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Cypress Tutorial For Beginners : Part 4 ( Cypress Download File )

In this video cypress tutorial for beginners, We are going to learn how to download file in cypress and create our script to check cypress downloaded file.

Cypress is a JavaScript test automation solution for web applications.
It enables teams to create web test automation scripts.
This solution aims to enable frontend developers and test automation engineers to write web tests in the de-facto web language that is JavaScript.

Cypress also supports the Mocha test framework so the core technologies in which you would develop your web test automation are Java Script on top of Mocha.

It is a test automation tool that enables developers to automate web browser testing.
The Selenium WebDriver protocol enables sending commands in various development languages like Java, Java Script, C#, Python, and others from the test environment (IDEs) to a selected desktop browser (Chrome, Firefox, Edge, Safari).

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