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Arduino Based Fingerprint in Proteus

During this project, we tend to square measure planning to style a Fingerprint detector based mostly biometric group action System mistreatment Arduino. During this project, we tend to use the fingerprint Module and Arduino to require and keep group action information and records. Fascinating right! Let’s begin our project in Proteus.


This is a fingerprint detector device with UART interface for straight link to microcontroller UART or to computer by adapter. The user will store the fingerprint information within the module and might put together it for distinctive the person. The Fingerprint device may be straight communicated with any microcontroller also as Arduino. This optical biometric fingerprint reader with nice options and might be embedded into a spread of finish merchandise like access system, group action system, safety lockbox, door protection system.

Components Required:

Arduino UNO
Fingerprint Sensor
Push button

Circuit connection with Proteus Simulation

The Arduino pin 4, 5, 6 and 7 are connected with LCD pins 11, 12, 13 and 14 respectively. While Arduino pin 0 to 2 are connected with Fingerprint sensor pin 1 to 3. 4 Push buttons are connected with Arduino pin 8 to 11. 5v of Arduino is attaching with VCC pin of fingerprint sensor with Proteus Simulation.
Alt Text


First, the user is needed to register the several fingerprints into the system with the assistance of the provided push buttons. Press the ‘Enroll’ key so enter the ID for the fingerprint into the digital display which can be saved into memory. Next, a user can enter his/her specific ID by mistreatment the ‘Up/Down/ push buttons. When choosing the ID press the ‘Delete/Okay’ button. The digital display can then provoke the user to put his finger over the fingerprint module from wherever the module can take the finger image. The digital display can raise the user to get rid of his finger so place it once more. The module can then store the model of that image within the module’s memory. The user is currently registered and might use methodology} to feed group action through this method. If any keep user ID is to be deleted then merely move to user ID and press ‘Delete/Okay’ key. The digital display can rise to pick out the ID you would like to delete. When we choose ID press ‘Delete/Okay’ and therefore the ID are deleted. A message from the digital display can inform you that the ID is removed.


• Used in industries
• Used in instructional establishments
• Used in ATM for authentication
• Used in Access dominant
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