Help wanted with ported React component in Go

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I posted this to Upwork, but this space is so new there aren't many developers qualified to take this on. Anybody here want to give it a try?

I started porting a React component built by a friend to Go/Vecty/WASM. It's a panel group component that handles resizable panes. I ported it, but it's not behaving the same and I need some help debugging it. The math seems to be off somewhere and the performance is not great.

Here's a video showing the difference between them at the moment:

The resulting library will be open source and I'm willing to pay for help.

Full post on Upwork, though using Upwork is not necessary.

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I'd be willing to take a look at this. Do you have a publicly accessible URL with the compiled code available somewhere?



If you clone that whole repo, in there you should be able to make build and then make dev, though it'll require you to go get a few things first.


OK, will have a look and let you know. 👍

Also, here's a discord I'm in to chat with me: discordapp.com/invite/cJzy2xS


But why? It is a heavy CPU computation? or just a test?


Because I'm building a web app in Go.