500 followers! What can I do to improve?

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I've been actively posting to dev.to over the last month and very quickly I've found myself here with 500 followers. Even though there isn't a lot of dialog yet, the likes and follows have been very encouraging. I feel so welcome here!

Thanks everybody for paying attention to my open source work. It helps me a lot since otherwise I'm making all this incremental progress all alone. I'll do it alone, of course, but it really helps my motivation to be getting any kind of feedback along the way.

I'd like to take this opportunity to get some feedback on my devlog posts themselves. You may have noticed there's a video with each one. I've been making these videos for a little bit longer than I've been posting here. They contain the meat of what I have to say since it's usually something to show. Pretty quickly I started writing the posts before making the video and using them as a rough script.

Obviously I'd love to do more in-depth posts. I expect to when I have more finished projects to talk about. If there's anything else, though, what can I do to improve the content I'm putting here?


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Independent open source innovator. Invented webhooks, co-created Docker, started Dokku, built RequestBin, inspired Ngrok, envisioned serverless, and instigated the modern hackathon. Also I make games.


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We are bots, but we are good bots that would be pleased to read more about doing things with Go. (Also, we come in peace)


I also have 500 followers who barely post anything. Hmmmm


lol is dev.to tricking us? why do they keep other peoples follower count a secret?


Follow recommendations upon signup are where a lot of follows come from. Recommendations are based on people who have recently been active in various tags.

We try our best to make the recommendations relevant, but it's just an algorithm.

We also have a huge surplus of readers to writers in general. So all writers of any kind get lots of followers.

Any chance you'll make site statistics public knowledge? # signups, % active authors, etc.?

@ben : Does this mean most of our followers aren't bots but instead just accounts that are active in the first few days, follow some people and tags, then completely abandon the website?

I have been looking through my own followers and many just have tons of tags they follow and no comments or posts while also having the exact same profile picture as their GitHub one.

Was thinking that someone created a bot that is just scraping GitHub for users and simply impersonates all of them... for whatever reason.
This is a bit worrying.

Am I understanding this right?

Yes, this is correct. Except people aren't typically abandoning the site, but most people don't comment or post even leave reactions. We'll have to keep trying to make people feel comfortable taking part and not just reading.

Then that is absolutely amazing, I am very glad that bots are not the problem here. The community is growing, and is growing fast! And that means you guys are doing a great job at managing it.

From what I noticed, many social media platforms have way more "reading" people than "writing" ones. Most of the content is top notch as well, so I think you shouldn't worry too much about it. May just be an unfixable problem...

Maybe mailing weekly digest and assigning rate for activity will make users more active?


PS: If I don't get any responses I'm going to assume y'all are bots and I will be sad.


I don't have any advice for you, but I didn't want you to be sad, so... <3


Perfect! Just want to make sure there are some actual humans out there