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I scraped the tech stacks of 2000 companies

I was curious about what the most common tech stacks are, specifically which languages & frameworks tech companies use. So I wrote a simple Python script that went through 2000 listings of

These are the top 10 languages and frameworks:

  1. JavaScript
  2. HTML5
  3. CSS 3
  4. Python
  5. TypeScript
  6. Node.js
  7. GraphQL
  8. PHP
  9. Java
  10. Ruby

Worth mentioning might also be Go, which was on position 12 as a relative newcomer. I guess there are not many surprises here, although I was surprised how high on the list Ruby is (Ruby on Rails as a framework was number 11). I also found it interesting how popular GraphQL is as none of the companies I worked at uses it. I should take another look at the advantages and discuss it with the team.

You can view the Python code and all results at

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Andrew Baisden

JavaScript leads the way 😍