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Fight COVID-19 with a Free, Fully-Managed Cloud Database

A few weeks ago MariaDB launched their new database-as-a-service (DBaaS), SkySQL, amid the Coronavirus Pandemic. While they also offered a $500 credit to get started, as of last week they announced a program to offer their fully-managed analytics (columnar based storage) service for free to help fight COVID-19.

If you or your organization is in the healthcare, medical, academic or other nonprofit space have an idea (e.g. application) that requires analysis of large amounts of data MariaDB is offering the opportunity to to use MariaDB SkySQL for Analytics for free. All you need to do is complete the form here.

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MariaDB Platform for Analytics

For those that are unfamiliar, traditional RDBMS platforms deliver great transactional processing, which typically depends on indexes to achieve query performance. Modern applications demand the ability to query large data on the fly, with complicated filters – it’s not possible to add an index for every query. The solution is columnar data storage.

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MariaDB Platform for analytics leverages the columnar capabilities of MariaDB ColumnStore with data placed in object storage in the cloud. In this configuration, you not only get the high-performance analytical benefits of columnar storage, but you eliminate the need to pre-allocate storage for growth. MariaDB analytics allows you to perform real-time ad hoc queries on big data, on object storage.

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The Gist

MariaDB is offering their managed analytics service completely for free to help give developers the ability to innovate without having to worry about how to manage their data. 

So, if you or your organization are looking to fight COVID-19 and are looking for a data storage solution, why not get one for free? Especially when it only takes a couple of minutes to submit your ideas here.

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