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Extensive media coverage for businesses and individuals

Extensive media coverage for businesses and individuals


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Have you ever wondered how celebrities and public figures get a blue verification badge on Instagram?
One important criterion is media exposure, which affects the account holder's visibility.

Growing a business requires creating the right competitive advantage and the power of media mentions often goes unappreciated. Regular media mentions help with recognition and enhance social proof.

They also help drive traffic and fuel the interest of potential customers, moving them down the marketing funnel toward a purchase decision.The reality is that with limited resources, getting quality and affordable PR services is extremely difficult.

Expensive PR agencies that operate on a 6-month subscription basis cannot guarantee predictable results. Therefore, investing in their services is extremely risky and unattractive.

As the global startup scene continues to grow, and the dependence in the growth of sales in foreign markets increases, this problem is getting hotter.

The problem is being addressed by PRNEWS.IO, an Estonian startup that is based on using big data to predictably communicate brands to people through media articles. It's an online platform that meets the growing demand for extensive media coverage by small and medium-sized businesses.PRNEWS.IO is an extensive media directory of more than 100,000 news sites worldwide.

Booking aт article here resembles the principle of buying a microwave oven on Amazon. Data on audience size and quality, reader engagement and return rates, and traffic sources are all integral metrics you need to plan a successful communications campaign. And they're available for free!
The platform is already helping clients save tens of thousands of euros annually, mostly due to zero fees for media planning and agency services. Since all cooperation takes place directly with the publisher, without intermediaries.

The platform's business model creates a win-win situation: brands sponsor press coverage on their own terms, which draws more attention to them; while media publishers are rewarded for publishing quality content that attracts new readers.

"Traditional public relations agencies are inefficient at collecting and processing big data.

They waste a lot of resources and precious time that falls on the client's shoulders", says PRNEWS.IO board member Alexander Storozhuk. - "Sustainability is in the DNA of PRNEWS. We save time and resources, preferring innovation to manual labor".

Business is not the only customer format for the platform. Hollywood movie stars, costumers, sound designers, plastic surgeons and OnlyFans models also turn to the services for personal branding.

Have you ever wondered how celebrities and public figures get a blue verification badge on Instagram? One important criterion is media exposure, which affects the account holder's visibility. There are no restrictions on who can get the verification badge, which is designed primarily to protect celebrities and brands from scandalous situations and fraud.

The Instagram verification badge gives a profile a certain level of prestige and fame, which encourages other users and brand fans to subscribe to the account because it is verified.
In other cases, media buzz helps in proving talent and outstanding ability.

For example, when applying for an O-1 visa in the U.S., it is always helpful to have published articles about you in professional or major trade publications, newspapers or other major media outlets. Because this is one of the eight criteria applicants must meet to qualify for a talent visa.

With PRNEWS.IO, you can make yourself known to the media in 150 countries in 77 languages and get the attention of journalists. Investing in your own visibility has never been easier. Regular media coverage with PRNEWS.IO will capitalize on your personal brand.

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