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1 . What is software testing ?

The software testing is used to test the quality of product by running or executing the software, To produce Bugs free Software as per the requirement.

  1. what we need to know about software testing ?

  2. Software testing is used to check the quality of product.

  3. Software testing help to provide bug free product.

  4. Software testing has two life cycle

SDLC - software Development life cycle.
STLC - software testing life cycle.


  • planning & requirement analysis.
  • Designing the software.
  • Developing the project.
  • Testing.
  • Deployment.
  • Maintenance. STLC :
  • Requirement Analysis.
  • Test plan creation.
  • Environment setup to start testing.
  • Test case preparation / Creation.
  • Defect logging.
  • Test case closure. Type of testing
  • Manual
  • Automation
    Types of Manual testing :

  • White box testing - usually done by Developer , where we should know about the code structure is visible by developer.

  • Black box testing - Usually done by tester , where we can test the functionality of the Software as per the requirement.

  • Grey box testing - is the combination of white & black box testing. Where the person should know about In & Out of testing

  1. what is relevance of software testing ?

software testing help us to detect the defect early to produce the bug free products, saves money, Increases the quality of the product.

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