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Internet vs World Wide Web vs Intranet

If you consider Internet as a highway system, you can consider www as a package delivery system that uses that highway.


  • global network of networks or
  • global data communication system
  • provides an infrastructure
  • refers mostly to hardware, networks, computer etc.
  • can be accessed by anyone, is public
  • provides unlimited information

World Wide Web (www)

  • collection of information that is accessed via Internet
  • repository of common resources that can be accessed via the internet.
  • a service that operates on top of the Internet ( infrastructure )
  • can be referred as a software

Internet is a public network, while Intranet is a private network.


  • a private network for information management and sharing among only the members or employees
  • cannot be accessed by everyone
  • limited number of users with limited information
  • owned by private firms
  • is safe as compared to Internet
  • Example : IT Department intranet, HR Intranet.

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Moses O.

Simplest way to understand how and what is internet, www, and intranet.
Nice work✌