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Safe mode in Windows 8

priteshusadadiya profile image Pritesh Usadadiya ・1 min read

So, i forgot my system password. Stupid me 😬. I have 2 systems and 3 vpn connections. Generally i remember my passwords well but today suddenly, out of nowhere i forgot which one is for which account ?

Long story short, i wasted a good amount of time trying to reset it using windows repair module. (first time i ever did that)

tried F8 , Shift + F8, F5 nothing worked. :(

Went to couple of forums and figured that there is no direct way to open windows machine in safe mode. you will have to first run some commands (in CMD) and then system will restart in safe mode.

So, i started the System recovery options and somehow reached to CMD.

Here is a command that needs to be run there,

bcdedit /set {default} safeboot minimal

This sets boot manager to run in safe mode by default.

Once this is set your system will run with safe mode by default and if you wish to reset it (i mean to run as normal) you will have to delete above entry with this command. (Note: Unless you delete above entry, system will run in safe mode only)

bcdedit /deletevalue {default} safeboot

So, how did i recover/reset my password you may ask ? 😌

Well, i tried with different combinations and finally remembered it 😂😂 (Wonder how that happens ? )

Wasted entire Sunday, But still i guess, i learned something. :)


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