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Pritesh Usadadiya
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What are some Browser plugins that you can't live without ?

We all need toolkit that makes our jobs a little bit easier. As a QE there are several chrome extensions that i use everyday that boosts my productivity and reduces chunk of extra workload Here are all of them

BlazeMeter | The Continuous Testing Platform

Blazemeter plugin is easiest way to record your performance script in jmeter

Bug Magnet

this is a handy tool for doing exploratory testing. it's opensorce and provides you with range of test data to check edge cases of your app.

Check My Links

its a link checker that crawls through your webpage and looks for broken links.

Exploratory Testing Chrome Extension

another must have plugin for Exploratory Testing. you can gp page by page take a screenshot and write bugs, ideas, notes etc..

Note Anywhere

How many time you have browse through a article had some thoughts and forgot after some time. Well no more.

with this extension, you can create notes on any web page and when you open that page again, the notes will get loaded automatically.

Page load time

Quickly need to check the loading time for your webpage ? there is a extension for it.

Screencastify - Screen Video Recorder

I use this plugin to record product workflows, bugs etc...

In Free tire it gives you 50 recordings per month with max 10 min. recording per session. you can download saved videos from Google drive or export it as gifs.

i have been using it for some time and never needed to upgrade to paid plan.


easiest way to find what kind of font is being used on any portion of webpage without going into the details of devtools.

And of course our all time favorite

Chrome DevTools

So, What are plugins / extensions that you use which has become integrated part of your work ?

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pmcgowan profile image

I like to keep it slim - ublock and adblocker on firefox and chrome, lastpass, and the only other plugin I use is one I made for running bookmarklets.
Basically everything else I need is a bookmarklet on a per-use-case basis.

iranjith4 profile image
Ranjithkumar Matheswaran

My favorite is OneTab. It helps you to organize and save the tabs.

jashsayani profile image
Jash Sayani

All the ones published by EFF.

moopet profile image
Ben Sinclair

The dev tools that are built in to most browsers offer most of the features of the other extensions you suggest out-the-box.

jakeprins profile image
Jake Prins

I've made a Chrome extension and I can absolutely live without it, but wanted to share it anyways: RaterFox

It changes your boring new tab to a nice screen with a background of a popular movie, including some information and links to instantly watch a trailer. On scroll your screen turns into a simple and clean feed of the most popular movies, TV shows and games. See the average rating and know in an instant which movies, TV shows or video games are worth your time. Click the title to read a short summary and watch a trailer.

Some other Chome extensions I use a lot:

mnlwldr profile image
locness3 profile image

Refined GitHub. It adds so many features to GitHub, and they're so greatly implemented I almost forget sometimes that I have it.

tammalee profile image
Tammy Lee

I can't live without Workona!
I have never been able to context switch faster between tasks!

adambrandizzi profile image
Adam Brandizzi

Funny, I have no development-oriented addon on Firefox! That's what I have:

tammalee profile image
Tammy Lee

I love Privacy Badger! I still have Greasemonkey installed, too.

priteshusadadiya profile image
Pritesh Usadadiya

great stuff. you are heavy on how you surf web. :)

yankee profile image
Yankee Maharjan

Wappalyzer, to see what technologies the site is built on.
Grammarly and Dark Reader.

vip3rousmango profile image
Al Romano

Probably because they know someone will make an extension. :D

mikeck profile image
Mike CK

Whatfont if my favourite! I use it to steal borrow design ideas. They say nothing is new on the face of the earth.

Also Alexa's seo thing. Helps me hunt related resources and note the reputation of a given website.

priteshusadadiya profile image
Pritesh Usadadiya

They say nothing is new on the face of the earth.

They are right Mike 😏

ondrejs profile image

I have found Shodan and Wappalyzer really useful.

priteshusadadiya profile image
Pritesh Usadadiya

Wappalyzer is good tool to find few useful things websites are using under the hood.

ondrejs profile image

Yes, of course it's not always 100% correct and you could guess it directly from the source code, but it's handy extension to have.

jameslivesey profile image
James Livesey

Yeah could be a good option

stuk88 profile image
Stas Arshanski

I work with a lot of tabs while reaearching multiple subjects. I use 2 extenstions for that:
Toby - to save tabs or sessions by name and reopen the interesting tab in the future.
The ability to save the whole window tabs as a folder is super cool.
Tab mem free- to crush tabs that are not used and clear the resources usage. Enables work on a lot of tabs on any computer.

priteshusadadiya profile image
Pritesh Usadadiya

i was looking for something like Toby. thanks for sharing Stas

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