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Top 5 Reasons a Doctor Needs a Powerful Website

Pritesh Bhoi
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There are many reasons why even a busy, “at capacity” doctor or medical practice marketing plan needs a powerful and effective website as the cornerstone of an Internet presence.

1. Referring doctors also use the Internet for due diligence.

No doubt your CV is sterling, but your online presence is instantly available and it speaks volumes to professional colleagues about you and your work.

2. Stand out among the competition.

“Being invisible” online is simply your gift of new business to another practice.

3. Protect, maintain and grow market share.

The Internet is a primary consideration in healthcare marketing. This is where prospective patients—customers—survey their options.

4. Change your patient mix for more desirable patients and cases.

Simply being busy is no assurance of attracting an optimal balance of cases and patients. Internet marketing can influence this mix.

6. Protect and extend your professional reputation.

Having no presence available online could be a negative signal to others. Your story—whatever your healthcare colleagues and the public know about you—is strongly influenced by what you present online.

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