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Are you a student learning about cloud 🌥? Here are 4 resources that give free cloud credits, courses and many more!

hands-on experience is important when you are learning about cloud computing, however, doing hands-on activities can often be cost-prohibitive especially when you are a student, fortunately, there are resources and programs you can apply that gives free cloud credits to be used on cloud providers such as Digital Ocean and Microsoft Azure, cloud certification vouchers and courses! Excited? keep on reading to learn more about those resources.

1.) GitHub Student Developer Pack

Students learning to code

GitHub Student Developer Pack is a collection of student-only benefits from several tech companies such as Digital Ocean, Microsoft and GitHub. GitHub Student Developer Pack gives you access to products and tools such as GitHub Copilot, cloud credits to Microsoft Azure, Heroku and Digital Ocean and courses such as educative, data camp and many more!

To Sign up for Student Developer Pack you only need a GitHub account, student ID and/or school-issued email address.

To learn more about this awesome program, check out this link:
The GitHub Student Developer Pack delivers $200k worth of tools and training to every student

2.) Microsoft Azure for Students Starter Offer

Homepage of Microsoft Azure for Students Starter Offer

Microsoft Azure for Students starters gives you limited access to Azure products and services such as Azure App Services, Azure Functions and Azure DevOps.

Microsoft Azure for Students Starter is available for high school students - you don't need a credit card to sign up for the Students Starter

for more information about Microsoft Azure for student's starter see:
Microsoft Azure for Students Starter Offer

3.) AWS re/Start

Homepage of AWS re/Start

AWS re/Start is a training program that helps you upskill for careers in the cloud and connects you to potential employers. AWS re/Start is free to apply and upon enrollment you will gain hands-on experience in Linux, Python and core AWS Cloud Skills

AWS re/Start also helps you train for cloud roles such as cloud automation, infrastructure engineering and system administration.

To learn more about that program see:
AWS re/Start

4.) Microsoft Learn Student Hub

Microsoft Learn Hub homepage

Microsoft Learn Student Hub is a collection of learning modules, student certifications and even provides opportunities for community involvement programs.

You can learn more about Artificial Intelligence engineering, Data Science, Software Development and many more on the Microsoft Learn Student Hub

Explore Microsoft Learn Student Hub by visiting this link:
Student Hub

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