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Thank you for pointing this out. I gotta say that I'm also guilty of this. I trust mostly google with my information, and access many services using my g-account for authentication. I manage my mail with gmail, and basically use all their services constantly and I don't mind sharing data with them, and very rarely I ask myself if I should mind.

On top of this comes the PGP key for mail, which I normally don't use (and remember that was a pain to set up back in the days).

I used to use FB for authentication, but I'm decoupling those services lately. Still, the amount of different secure passwords get overwhelming, so the "master key" of using Google as auth for other services is still appealing.

I might be just lazy but getting of the grid, although for some easy, requires more effort than just share my data in exchange of services. I haven't been very convinced yet of this being dangerous. I hope this post shows some enlightenment.

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