I've never used a JS framework and my JS skills are - at best - mediocre. Should I try to learn Vue or React?

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So back end wise I'm a decent programmer. I'd like to think there's nothing I couldn't build. Code might not be beautiful or as elegant as other folks, but it'll work.

Front end wise there is also nothing I can't build, but I'm a simple HTML and CSS kinda guy. I can throw in some JS when required but really JS isn't my thing.

I want to go back and redo some of my front ends with a JS framework so that I can access some of the functionality that they provide, and also I just think that I should know how to do this shit.

The two candidates are Vue, or React. What do you think?

My framework of choice is Laravel.

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What I like to do is learn a framework while learning JS. Ask myself "Why does this work?" when seeing something I don't understand, for example. Vue definitely feels easier to me, I made a cheat sheet for it, too.

Hope this helps, it should ease you into it a little: dev.to/lucashogie/getting-started-...


If you work on mostly CMS systems(excluding headless ones) and archaic Server Side Rendering type of applications, then probably don't bother.

But you foresee yourself building server-client decoupled applications, and you want the server agnostic of the consuming client, then probably it makes more sense to use a JS framework to maintain the front end. Frameworks make repeatative tasks easy, and it also becomes easier to maintain the UI in the longer run.

Ultimately, its not a application design question, its a architecture pattern question.


Laravel and Vue seem to be VERY good friends, fwiw. Beyond that: spend a day with React. Just have a go at it.

Jsx COULD drive you crazy. Or you might love it. But react and jsx are as tight as Angular and rxjs. Make sure you're okay with that.

(My angle: I can't damn stand jsx' equivalent of v-if. Can't stinkin stand it lol)


Yes learning things is great. Both react and vue are great options.

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