re: I am a full-time freelancer aged 21. I work mostly in PHP and React. Last year I made approximately $75,000 in revenue. AMA! VIEW POST

re: Awesome mate! Glad to hear you are doing good :) I am 21 too but I only make a fraction of what you earned in 2018. Though it's kind of different h...

I've been at it for 2 years now. Give it some time and I'm sure you'll be making plenty of cash as well. I mean freelancing almost broke me at one point. So all in due time!

And I hope that you can find many exciting new projects during the year. Wishing you all the best as well.

To answer your question: My account is almost 10 years old. I first made it when I participated in Ludum Dare, so a chunk of followers came from there. Other than that I follow the pattern of:

  • Tweet about things I make and how I do it
  • Tweet about when I do something cool (e.g. stream, blog post etc)
  • Try to make my tweets pretty with emojis
  • Ask people to share (it's amazing how doing this can increase engagement)

That's really all. Also the fact that my account on dev.to has exploded a bit has helped with it as well. :)

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