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re: I just checked out your other post there and you've had an awesome journey! Can you talk about what it was like being a digital nomad living in the...

It was a ride to be sure!

Being a digital nomad in the Philippines was super fun, even if things weren't always looking so great at the time. Since it is an entirely different culture to my own (being European and all that) I feel like it helped open me up in ways I didn't expect. It made me more outgoing and spontaneous in taking decisions.

The Philippines themselves are a very interesting place as well. At least in my experience most of the people have been incredibly kind and welcoming. I spent most of my time in Manila, which can be a bit of a loud and dirty place at times (I mean, that's 14 million people after all), but since it was so different to what I was used to it felt refreshing. Those who enjoy nature and quiet will surely find a nice place in northern Luzon where they can enjoy their time. Just be sure to check on your vaccinations and mosquito spray before you go. 🙈

I would definitely love to do remote work again. The most annoying part of working for my current client is decidedly that they want me to actually be physically at the office for all but two working days in a month. If I was offered the possibility by them to work from any place I choose, I'd probably be on the next plane to somewhere else. Being generally introverted I feel like remote work helps me break routines and habits that can kill creativity 😁

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