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What is Dart ?

prerana1821 profile image Prerana Nawar ・2 min read

Hello Geeks, In this article, we'll try to understand, what is Dart? and some interesting Features/Facts of Dart.

What is Dart?

The Google's definition for dart says that
Alt Text

So, We will divide the line into 3 parts:

1. What is a Client Optimized Language in General?

The programming language optimized for crafting beautiful user interfaces and high-quality experiences is a Client Optimized Programming Language.

2. It says Dart can be used for fast apps.

  • So, guys talking about dart's speed, if we compare dart with few other OOP languages like java or especially javascript, dart is 2x faster.
  • The reason is that dart can complie at both the Run-Time (JIT) or Ahead-of-time(AOT).
  • The difference between JIT and AOT Compilation:
    • In JIT (Just in Time) compliation the complier converts program source code into native machine code just before program execution.
    • In AOT compiliation works by compiling your code before the runtime environment runs the code.The AOT compiler is typically used when the app is ready to be deployed.
  • You can also take a look at Dart versus Node js fastest programs here

3. Then it states Dart can be used on any Platform.

Yes, Dart runs on any platform, whether you’re creating a Mobile app, Web app, Command-line script, or Server-side app. Due to Flexible compiler technology Dart code can run depending on your target platform.

Few Features of Dart :

  1. Getting started with dart is very easy.We don't even need to install anything. Directly hit the Dartpad which is an open-source tool that lets you play with the Dart language in any modern browser.
  2. Second most interesting thing about dart is it is Open Source which means that if you see a bug, you can immediately report it, or fix it yourself.This is something a lot of programming languages lack.
  3. Dart is easy to scale whether you are working with a small database with 100 records or a large set with 1 million.
  4. Dart is consistently updating which inturn indicates its active development.
  5. Dart has its own package manager called Pub
  6. Dart has built in support for different types of Testing like Unit Testing, Integration Testing, and Component Testing.
  7. Dart when used in Web Applications, is transpiled to JavaScript so it runs on all web browsers.
  8. The Dart installation comes with a Dart VM as well to run the .dart files from a command-line interface.

Thank you guys, let me know what you think about this article, and Dart. I hope this guide will help you with your learning, and hopefully save your time!


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