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Would you like a tinder for testing your designs? / Does it make any sense??

TLDr => While experimenting with some UI, i quickly realised that i had no idea weather people would actually like it or be comfortable with the design / color. Thus a platform where indie devs/ designers can put up their designs and the human can rate the design in binary (like or not like) by swiping Right or Left. So let's discuss it

The Beauty of tinder

Swipe to rate reveals very valuable and rich metrics, as a swipe is impulsive and 'you' don't have enough time to see weather the border-radius is 8px or not◑﹏◐.
Alt text of image

Important Features

Left swipe to dislike.
Right swipe to like.
Swipe up for the next post.
Once you've made a decision you can't edit it.
Hold down on a post to reveal further actions such as sharing, etc,

Maintaining User Retention

User onboarding show not be much of a pain as many people are interested in rating design and judging ideas.
A idea that ought to increase the retention and hipness of the service would be to pay the person for swiping (i.e. 100β‚Ή for every 100 ratings/ swipes). Physically I don't know how this would affect the quality of the ratings, but I believe a solid model could be built.


As many of you would know most design that we build for our products / experiments are based on our own experiences and hunches. This service would connect you with the people, a simple tool to brainstorm with the masses.

Talking Money

Taking Money
This service will require some cash for sure

Two ideas in my mind

1. Showing Ad's

Pretty self explanatory, but can lead to decreased user retention and possibly harm the app and it's purpose. Also I don't like ads.

2. The other idea involves charging the person posting for money

This does make more sense but again if we're being realistic who's gonna pay.

So this is what's on my mind. Let's talk. Maybe even build it together

I'll be down below.

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drbearhands profile image
DrBearhands • Edited

Interesting idea. The simplicity of a binary response space makes it difficult to half-ass the job just to get some cash, that would make the payment option viable.

OTOH, the metric does not seem particularly useful to me by itself. In a double blind test, yes, assuming #upvotes is monotonically increasing with quality, rather than being more-or-less binary.

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Glenn Stovall

What people "like" doesn't correlate with what makes design useful. Showing users designs out of context might help designers pick the prettier thing, but it isn't going to help with creating designs that are more useful.

alexisgahon profile image
Alexis Gahon

I understand the value for the person posting but what about people swiping right or left, what value for them ?

On Tinder people swipe to find someone that match. What about this app ?

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Preet Parekh

At least for me I like to take a look at designs on dribbble in my free time.
People would in their free time judge.
Another incentive model would be to just outright pay them in cash or some other currency(vouchers coupons etc).
That's just my thoughts what do you think?