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Can I go with Pop OS rather than ubuntu?

preethamsathyamurthy profile image Preetham ・1 min read

I bought a new laptop with windows 10 home edition pre-installed. Hence I went with WSL and it was not so good.Hence I spun an aws EC2 instance and working on it. But it aint free and doesn't feel like working on a local machine. So I thought of installing Linux and I had previously used ubuntu a couple of years back. Now I stumbled upon Pop OS. Can I go with it rather than ubuntu or install Ubuntu ?


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I'll add, as a long-time Ubuntu user, I switched to Pop_OS! last year, and I'm loving it: especially the improved driver support and bundling. It's even possible to install all the desktop environments that you know and love on it. Personally, I installed the ubuntu-mate-desktop metapackage on it, so I have Ubuntu MATE running on a Pop_OS! foundation. Seamless!


I was a long term user of Pop_OS. I strongly recommend it not only for work but also for gaming. The performance it gave me was far from average and I was able to play Doom and Deus Ex (the last game, I don't remember the full name).

But some months ago I switched to Manjaro and I can tell you that the difference is BIG. In performance, Gnome Shell works better (at least for me) than Pop_OS and the rolling release model is very interesting.

But if you want to stay with a Debian/Ubuntu based distro, Pop_OS! is the best one you can choose right now (IMO).


I would go with Pop!_OS over Ubuntu any day. It's based on Ubuntu as well so you get all the advantages of Ubuntu and some extra goodies.

I also recommend Manjaro if you want to get adventureous - gateway drug to Arch.


Yes, you can definitely go with Pop!_OS as it is an Ubuntu-based distribution. This means that it uses the same structure and packaging (and even desktop environment) as Ubuntu and should feel very familiar. System76 (the company behind Pop!_OS) has also added some really cool functionality like built-in tiling, better hardware support, unique theming, and a host of their own tools.

You will be able to follow along with any guides that reference Ubuntu because Pop!_OS uses the same structure and repositories as Ubuntu.

I used Ubuntu for nearly 10 years until 2018. When they moved to GNOME, I couldn't get comfortable with the desktop environment, so I explored lots of other distributions. With the massive performance improvements to GNOME over the past two years, I'm back to using the desktop environment. However, I do use Pop!_OS on both System76 machines and other OEM machines and it really is a great distribution that gives you everything that comes with Ubuntu along with some nice extras provided by System76.

Hope this helps, let me know if you have any questions!


Yes you can, Infact Pop_os is based on Ubuntu, so there won't be any difference in package management. But Pop_os does include some goodies that aren't present in ubuntu. I short Pop_os is a good choice.


Just give it a shot!
You'll Love it!


Thanks mates. I'll go with Pop OS 😎


Hey mates, I installed and customized pop for my needs. I absolutely love it <3. Thanksss!