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Discussion on: Devs Wanted: Get paid to contribute to RudderStack's open source software

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Alyss 💜

This is great! What would you suggest for other companies trying to do something similar?

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Define what you want to incentivize open source devs to do first. At New Relic, we were pursuing something similar, but it was more giving to open source projects or orgs than devs that would contribute to our software. At RudderStack, we want more contributors, so we are incentivizing that.

Also, don't waste devs' time. Don't leave it open for a PR. You get into bake off situations and wasted work doing that. Have devs apply and pick one.

Last, pay a fair amount. $100 for 8 hours of work is not fair. We will be trying to stick close to setting bounties at an amount we think should be equivalent to $65/hr.