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3 Secrets to Improve your Travel Experience

Alyss 💜 on July 17, 2018

In more than two decades of travel, I've packed hundreds of times and flown hundreds of thousands of miles. With all those WiFi-less flights, I hav...
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Amelia Gapin
  • one million for packing cubes. They're a total game changer! It's not even just about having a more efficiently and neater packed bag that you can get more into, but they also make living out of your suitcase at your destination much easier. You don't end up with a big heap of clothes in your bag from digging through looking for a particular garment.
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Stacy Montemayor

I literally live on the road, moving every three months or so with everything that fits in my bag - and packing cubes are where it's at. They also double as handy drawer organizers at your destination. I use the smallest cube for all my electronic gadgets (cords, external hd, surge protector, extra earbuds, etc.)

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Ben Halpern

Flying cross-country on Sunday. Taking notes. 📝

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It's really practical tips for travelers. I love traveling. I've already visited a lot of different countries, and my secret is planning. My first trips were more spontaneous because I didn't plan anything, but it's not always a good idea. Now I start thinking about my future trip and plan everything. In November I'll be visiting Russia(Moscow, St. Petersburg and a few more cities) and I've already bought train tickets in and booked a few excursions. It's good to know that everything is okay, because sometimes there is a lacj=k of tickets, or there are no free places in excursions, and all plans can be ruined.

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Sebastian Żołnowski

Really practical tips!

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Tousif ahmed khan توسف اھمد قان

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