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Software Requirements

Requirements are gathered before developing a system, to deliver the final working product to the client. A developed system should have the capability to fulfil the requirements requested. The requirements may differ from one system to another depending on its stakeholders.


Stakeholders having a relationship with the product, which is going to be developed by the developers. They can directly or indirectly involve in the project. Stakeholder of a system can be project manager, system administrator, end user, developer, maintainer, and security manager.

It is very important to gather information from each stakeholder who have an involvement with the project. The reason behind this is each stakeholder may come up with different requirements. It is the responsible of the person who is capable to analyse the requirements and prioritize them according to the needs and wants.

Software business analyst of an organization in the IT industry is responsible to analyze the requirements and document them properly. Software architect is the person who is responsible to identify the architectural significance requirements. They check whether the final product developed meets the requirements which is supposed to be.
Requirements are two types as functional requirements and non-functional requirements. They are different from each other. Let us look a brief introduction about the functional requirements and non-functional requirement of a system.

Functional requirements

  • These are the requirements which are based on specified functionalities.


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