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Host Multiple WordPress Websites on one Server.


  • Digital Ocean Account
  • AA Panel
  • Nameserver Management

Step 1: Create a Digital Ocean Account.
Image description

Step 2: Make a Basic Droplet With Ubuntu OS (cost 5$/month).
Image description

Step 3: Login into Droplet Console.

Step 4: Install AA panel in the Droplet (Ubuntu)
Image description
Click Here for AAPanel

Step 5: Save the URL and Login Credentials of AApanel that you got after installation done in console.

Step 6: Visit the URL open AApanel console and login with Credential

Step 7: After Login choose NGINX server and install the basic files like MySQL, php (7.1 is better)

Step 8: Add Website using their domain name/subdomain name
Image description

Step 9: Go to your domain Name provider add A record and target it to the Droplet ipv4 address.

Image description

Your hosted site will be ready within an hour. A welcome page shown to the particular Domain name what you add in your AA panel.

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